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Marty Lagina, Founder and Chief Executive:


We are Concerned Citizens of Delta County

We are committed to educating the public and monitoring and holding government and corporate entities accountable in relation to the construction and operation of Wind Energy Systems in Delta County. 

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Survey results call for increased setbacks

A survey by Garden Township shows most respondents in Garden Township want setbacks greater than one mile as measured from a property line.

Q6: The setback requirement for wind turbines in Delta County is 1,320 feet (1/4 mile) from existing dwellings.

Do you feel the setback requirement should:

Click here for results of survey. 

Noisy Turbines = Higher Revenue

Without zoning in place to regulate noise, Heritage takes advantage of our hospitality on the Garden Peninsula. VP of Operations Rick Wilson operates the turbines without regard to neighboring parcels and our health, ability to sleep, and enjoyment of our properties, regardless of numerous complaints from residents. In a July 2014 Garden Township meeting, Mr. Wilson stated he could regulate the noise from wind turbines, but doing so would adversely affect revenue.


We asked for relief

In October 2012, over 70 residents of Garden Township presented Delta County Commissioners with a petition seeking intervention for noise relief. The petition was ignored.

We asked for greater setbacks, better noise controls, consideration to our safety, protection of our property rights. The response from Delta County was the permissive zoning that we are addressing today. Are revenues to the county really worth more than the health, safety and welfare of residents?

Residents Band Together

Please contact us and join in the fight to right the wrongs that have taken place in Garden Township and Delta County with regard to the wind turbines. If you live outside Garden Township, wind turbines should still concern you. In a May 11, 2015 speech at Big Bay de Noc School, Marty Lagina, CEO of Heritage, suggested that wind turbines would help make the whole UP 'green.' Perhaps he meant the color of money?

Where will the next phase be built?

Yellow highlighted areas show leaseholder land.

Video of June 2014 Wind Energy Presentation in Delta County